What’s Klassic About Us?

Klassic Soccer, led by Koach Malcolm Brown and his
enthusiastic expert staff, focuses on classic technical
skills and tactics that are tailored to each player, 
encouraging individual creativity, confidence and 
character. Proficiency and aptitude underscored 
                                             with a positive attitude 
                                             is the Klassic way for 
                                             all to flourish and have
                                             fun…on the field and off. 

Our Goals

To create a challenging, nurturing and fun environment.

To bring passion, pride and energy to the game.

To provide enthusiastic age and skill appropriate guidance that leads to improvement and enhanced confidence.

To achieve the best performance by cultivating an individual’s innate talents and strengths.

To encourage cooperation, fair play and team spirit.

Why all the K’s? Because K is the first letter in Kick…the Key to the game. Also, the K’s are fun! And that sets us apart from the rest. KS puts the FUN in Fundamentals and the GRIN in Win!