Here are the questions parents and kids ask most. If you
don’t see what you’re looking for, shoot Malcolm an email!


At what age can my child start playing in the program? Many recreational programs provide the opportunity for kids 4 years old to start participating. Some programs may start earlier.

When do you begin to teach tactics? From the start! Tactics, which is decision making by players, are taught in every practice or game. What is most important at the youth level is developing the technical skills (tools) with the ball: dribbling, turning, stopping, passing, shooting and receiving. Yelling what to do… when, where and why… when the player has the ball does not help them to learn tactics.

When do you start teaching positions? After the player grasps the fundamentals. Learning to “stay” in a particular space on the field is not as important as first developing the basic skills to dribble, receive and pass the ball.

When do you teach formations? Assigning players to positions on the field is essential from the standpoint that kids play competitive games as early as 8 years old. Each player should have the opportunity to play in different positions within a formation. However, knowing a position does make you a better soccer player. Developing the skills ensures that you have the tools to play all the positions.

What clothing and equipment does my child need for the clinics? Players should wear appropriate soccer clothing; shorts and tees in warm weather, sweats when cooler, soccer cleats and shin guards.

What should I explain to the parents about the training sessions? The kids are playing small-sided games, which is the ideal model for player development. Games of 1 versus 1 through to 5 versus 5 provide countless opportunities to undertake technical skills and tactical decision-making. Repetition is imperative for their development.


Can I be captain? We reward players who demonstrate good sportsmanship and effort to be the captains.

Can I be on player X’s team? The captains will select the teams for this activity.

Can we play World Cup? If all behave well, we can definitely play World Cup at the end of practice.

Can we play Cone Games? Sure. Today we have a tweak to Cone Games. “Only knock downs with the laces (instep) or outside of shoe count.” “Who can show me those surface.”

Can we play Hand Ball? Yep. But in addition to passing the ball by hand, you can also use your head and foot…just as long as the ball doesn’t touch the ground.